The company of a cute golden retriever included at no extra cost.


How we work


Let's start off by scheduling a few hours to listen to and talk about your songs and what you're hoping to accomplish. If you're practiced enough with a click track, let's get to work on scratches and send your songs off for our session players to listen to. 



Best case scenario is tracking a band live, capturing bass, drums and rhythm tracks all in the same session. An EP takes up to 2 days for basic tracking, plus a few overdub sessions for keys, guitars and vocals. A full record could take about twice as long. 


mixing and mastering

We do offer in-house mixing services, or we can outsource to one of our partners to glue it all together. Mastering is not something we do. We know our limits. That's some dark-arts stuff right there. We happen to know a couple of dark wizards, though. 



We accept tips in the form of whiskey.