We're a perfect cross-over between a great home studio and the super high end sound studios. We've got many of the industry standards in our Mic Locker and the go-to pre-amps for all the pros.  We're running a brand-spankin' new Mac Pro (the trash can one) with a kickin' 4k monitor and all thunderbold connectivity. Our Mid-Century Modern design feels so dang period you'll probably start wearing a suit and fadora to sessions. And yeah, we run Pro-Tools. 

Mic Pres:

4 x API 512c Mic Pres
2 x Shadow Hills Mono Gama Mic Pres
2 x BAE 1073 Mic Pres
2 x A-Designs Pacifica Mic Pres
Universal Audio 4-710d Mic Pre/Compressor (4 channels)



Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop Electric Guitar
MJT Telemaster Electric Guitar
1963 Gibson LG-1Acoustic Guitar
Martin 000-MMV Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 714-ce Acoustic Guitar
Fender Telecaster Left Handed Electric Guitar
Airline H-78 Left Handed Electric  Guitar

EQ and Compression

2 x API 550 EQs
2 x Inward Connections Brat EQs
Purple MC-77 Compressor/Limiter
IGS One LA Compressor/Limiter



1968 Fender Princeton (vintage)

Supro 1622RT Tremo-Verb
Fender Pro Jr.




Flea 47 Next
Telefunken AR -51 (stereo pair)
Nuemann U87i
Nuemann TLM 103
Sennheiser MD421 II x 4
AKG 414 x 2
Rode NT 5 (stereo pair)
Shure SM57 x 4



Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano 73 Key
Upright Piano of some unkown, mythical origin
Nord Electro 2
A couple of organs that don't really work but look great in pictures
Monoj Kumar Sardar MKS 2 Reed Fold Up Harmonium