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Welcome to the home of Flint Creek Records! We are primarily a Dallas-based recording studio and record production company, but we also like to dip our toes into music publishing and artist development. We are comprised of independent artists and musicians who believe that we can make a bigger impact if we all work together. That's our motto, and that's what we want to do with you. We think music and art should be a community experience. No one person has a better reason to create than any other, therefore no one's art has more merit. However, sometimes art needs some polishing before it makes sense to listeners. That’s where we come in. Check out the short summaries of the services we provide from right here in Dallas.




Acoustic Demos: Show off your new songs in a high quality recording of acoustic guitar and vocals. 4 hour blocks available. 


Full Demos: If you have a hit to pitch to publishers in Nashville, come in for a half-day of tracking with our session players. 


Full Album Production: Your songs and budget are ready. We can get you all the way to the finished release. 


Mixing: You recorded somewhere else but you want another set of ears to glue it all together. 


A record isn't a $25 frisbee.  



FCR founder, Zach Balch, earned a degree in Outdoor Recreation after working through college in the Outdoor Pursuits Center at UNT. Fully believing he'd go on to work as a park ranger in Colorado, he accidentally became an intern for the Recording Academy, Texas Chapter (the folks that put on the GRAMMY Awards). While in Austin, Zach began working for Carlos Sosa, El Presidente of the world-famous Grooveline Horns and musical director to folks like Jason Mraz and Kelly Clarkson. He figured out that you can't just skate through life being really, really riduculously good-looking and fell in love with the life-long trials of the music industry. Rubbing shoulders with folks like Pine-Top Perkins, Hanson, John Mayer, Taylor Swift and other industry badasses, Zach has become a fantastic name-dropper. He eventually accepted a role in music licensing with FirstCom Music, a division of Universal Music Group. Spending some time learning what people like to hear in commercials, tv shows and films really validated his time spent watching waaaay too much TV. 

An award winning songwriter and up-and-coming producer, Zach Balch takes a simple approach to production. In a world full of beats and midi, Zach and the Flint Creek session players (affectionately referred to as The Family) are more comfortable with real instruments, and know that a good sounding record starts with great sounding tracks and clean arrangements. Our methodical musical philosophy centers around writing intentional melodies and hooks as opposed to everyone getting in a room and playing all over each other. We specialize in taking good songs and making them better.


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